The AMA Gauteng Breakfast on 16th August, 2018 was a well attended affair. Maurits Perhold,CEO of Turnkey Solar Solution did the opening presentation highlighting the urgent need for South African businesses to take advantage of tax breaks and technology to sustainably control any enterprise energy cost. Eskom and the Department of Energy are doing a poor job currently, despite the promises of change – and things could get worse before they become better.

Patrick Heskins, Chief Executive of British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association presented live on GoToMeeting, the BAMA Innovation Day Summary from two Universities : Leeds Beckett – Consumer Research and The Dept of Green Chemistry, University of York on innovations, and new thinking in use of waste in chemistry.

More finite proposals, and changes from companies like Moravia using 30% post consumer recyclate to be used in slug feedstock. Coster and a ‘platform’ actuator system were highly informative and thought provoking. And more..