This notification is to verify, and certify that the following companies have received AMA Extended Producer Responsible Certificate as defined in the  Notice of Extended Producer Responsibility measures for the paper, packaging and some single use products published under Government Notice R.1187 in Government Gazette 43882 on 5 November 2020 and the Regulations regarding Extended Producer Responsibility, 2020 published under Government Notice R.1184 in Government Gazette 43879 on 5 November 2020, as amended.


This notice was updated with regulations gg44539 published  on 5th May, 2021


From the 1st November 2021,the  AMA EPR Certificates have been issued to the following companies who are members of the Aerosol Manufacturers Association (‘the AMA’ )  and completed the AMA EPR Diagnostic Questions  as well as the AMA EPR register, which cross references with the SAWIC/ DFFE register.