• Established in 1963 and is one of the oldest Industry Associations in SA
  • Is a non-profit organisation, governed by registered Articles of Association
  • Is run by an Executive Director (with support staff) under the direction of an Executive Committee appointed in General Meeting by the membership
  • Represents in excess of 80% of the players in the local aerosol industry
  • Provides a voice for members on issues relevant to aerosols in SA
  • Provides support and training
  • Is self-regulating




  • The AMA fully recognizes and provides valuable technical inputs to relevant local regulatory bodies

  • The AMA is recognized as the authoritative organisation in the aerosol sector

  • The AMA provides members with opportunities to make inputs on issues that affect their business
  • The AMA (in conjunction with its Global Partners) has comprehensive and up to date information on global issues such as transport, customs, storage and other matters as pertaining to importing/exporting of aerosol products



  • The South African aerosol industry, under the auspices and direction of the AMA, has become largely selfregulating

  • The AMA has developed a Code of Practice which is widely recognized within and outside the industry as the “Bible” for the industry
  • In addition, technical and other support is available to members from experts in the aerosol field

  • Training of a high standard is provided to the personnel of member companies at nominal rates products
  • A library of Training DVDs is available to members (at no cost) consisting of DVDs produced locally, that cover topics such as aerosol cans, valves, propellants, manufacturing and more


  • The AMA is committed to providing the aerosol industry with practical and implementable methods, strategies and guidelines aimed at ensuring that the local industry is compliant on issues of sustainability such as recycling and others
  • The AMA recognizes that these issues are here to stay and is working on programs aimed at tackling them head-on
  • The AMA provides a forum for regular and comprehensive deliberations, often with the collaboration of other relevant bodies e.g. waste disposal entities
  • The AMA has specially earmarked funds to be used in other Community Service Initiatives

  • The AMA annually provides details of can output of the industry for local and international publication


  • All meetings and other membership-related activities under the auspices of the AMA, are subject to and in observance of the AMA’s “Anti-Trust” stipulations (copy available)
  • Membership Fees are set by the Executive Committee and are subject to change on an annual basis (latest schedule of fees available)
  • Annual Subscription Fees are levied on 1 March and are payable within 30 days. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in the termination of the company’s membership