Safety of Aerosols

In the more than 50 years of aerosol use worldwide, only a minimal number of consumer-related accidents have occurred – mostly as a result of misuse and abuse rather than malfunction. In South Africa alone, nearly 2 billion of these indispensable items have been produced and sold in this time.

However, because aerosols contain contents under pressure and often contain solvents, there are a few important things to bear in mind when using and/or storing them:

  • Although fully recyclable, aerosol cans should never be punctured
  • As most aerosols contain flammable ingredients, never incinerate or expose to flame or temperature above 50°C – this could result in them bursting which may cause harm and/or damage
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Solvent abuse can be fatal
  • Consumers are advised to always read and comply with the instructions, warnings and cautionary statements on the labels on aerosol cans

Global Standards

  • In accordance with world standards, the South African Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (AMA) recommends that all local aerosol producers ensure that their products are 100% pressure tested during the manufacturing process.
  • The AMA actively encourages and promotes safety in the workplace in accordance with its Manufacturing Code of Practice, in an effort to ensure world standard products from its members.
  • Basic training is also provided by way of an introduction to aerosol technology.
  • Most aerosol producing companies in SA (which includes the major component suppliers), are participating members of the AMA and they are kept informed on a regular basis, on both local and global regulatory developments relating to matters commercial, technical and environmental.