Product Recalls

A Product Recall is defined as the organised recall of any product which may constitute a danger to consumer safety for whatever reason. The reason for such a recall may be related to the contents of a product or, in the case of an aerosol product, to a fault in the package which may cause potential damage to property or injury to the user. Such a recall may be initiated by the manufacturer /distributor/importer of the product or by the National Consumer Council, if it deems there to be significant risk of harm being caused by that product.

The National Consumer Commission has published draft Consumer Product Safety Recall Guidelines (Government Gazette No. 34471, G.N.R. 486 of 18th July 2011) which the Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association has recommended should be adopted as the basis of the Recall Procedure implemented by its members.

In the case of pharmaceutical products, the Medicines Control Council has made prescriptions with regard to how a recall of such products should be conducted.