Impact of Aerosols

It is recognised that, in essence, the AMA represents members across a number of different types of products, each of which may have an Industry Association, which promotes the interests of that particular Industry. Accordingly the function of the AMA Aerosol Sectoral Code is viewed in terms of a two dimensional matrix of responsibility as shown in the table below.

The aerosol packaging format of all these products is common and all these products are subject to unique potential  quality and safety issues, which arise specifically from this packaging format. However, the quality and safety issues related to the content of each of these types of product could vary widely and would be subject to the requirements of the applicable Industry Association that represents the specific interests of that type of product. It is therefore proposed that the AMA Aerosol Sectoral Code is defined specifically with the intention of addressing the packaging issues of aerosol products and not the formulation issues. The AMA Aerosol Sectoral Code would thus be applicable to all these products.