Benefits to Consumers

Aerosols have been a popular and convenient option for personal and household products throughout South Africa and the Western world for well over 50 years. They are incredibly versatile and are able to dispense a wide variety of products safely, hygienically and efficiently.

South Africans use in excess of 200 million aerosol products annually, and there is every expectation that, as more and more people get to know of their benefits, this number will continue to grow.

Some of the advantages of using the aerosol package are:

  • Apart from the many household applications there are other important uses ie. for treating minor injuries at home or on the sports field.
  • Specialised medical aerosols can assist with minor burn wounds by forming an arificial skin over the wound – then of course we have the asthma sprays that have helped make life bearable for many asthma sufferers over the years.
  • Being in a sealed container the contents remain fresh /unspoiled for extended periods (in many cases for years).
  • Safe and tamper proof caps ensure additional protection especially for small children.
  • All empty aerosol cans are fully recyclable (see Environmental section).
  • With new sleek, modern designs, today’s aerosols look as good as they perform.
  • It is a known fact that consumers, after trying products in alternative dispensing methods, have gone back to using aerosols as they prefer the benefits of the fine controllable spray and high performance of aerosols.
  • Aerosols will perform consistently from the first spray to the very last.
  • Aerosols (even personal care products) can be shared by several people with complete confidence
  • In most cases products in aerosol packaging, are no more costly than other packaging formats